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Jolly Art Game

Delivering joy with games and art

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 was established in 2021,

focusing on

Casual games developing and publishing,

​bringing happiness to players around the world through games


Optimization Solution

Our powerful publishing platform and model data analysis capabilities, gives games auto testing and proven optimization solution. And we are willing to be with developer to test and optimize the game.

Maximum the User Volume 

We have a full function monetization and UA team which can handle different types of casual games, which can maximum the user volume.

Experience & Connection

Our game producing team accumulated plenty experience  on casual publishing and operation, and we are ready to bring our knowledge to connect games and the world.

Full Stack Solution

We understand Art, especially how to optimize localization art to different markets.



We help you design your game to match perfect localization art to different markets with the local culture and player interest.


One SDK including Monetization, Data tracking,analysis. For all the Channel(especially Android) and network.


We use our monetization tools and knowledge to maximum your revenue and balance user experience.

What we are looking for?

Full Stack Solution

- From hyper casual to mid core casual games.


 - Used to meet blockers on publishing side.


 - Willing to try new market like China.


 - Studios looking for investment or willing to try codevelopment.



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